Focali Optics was founded by a team of optical veterans passionate about creating and nurturing a sustainable, high-quality, stylish eyewear line at a great price, all while giving back. We incorporate the best technology available to facilitate optimum comfort, performance, and eye health; all at a fraction of retailers prices. See EVERYTHING more clearly with Focali. 

  • To GIVEBACK sight, with the help of our partners at RestoringVision, to people in need all over the world.
  • To bridge the gap between over-priced designer eyewear and poorly made, cheap budget eyewear.
  • To achieve 100% Satisfaction from ALL of our customers.
  • To provide a great product, with the best materials and technology available, and even better customer service.

Too often, the decision of which frame to purchase is based solely on fashion. While fashion/aesthetics are certainly important with a product as visible as eyeglasses, here at Focali, we believe, that the most important aspect is ensuring that the lenses and coatings provide maximum visual acuity and eye health promotion. With Focali, you don’t have to settle for quality over quantity; you can have BOTH. That’s our mission!


To consistently and passionately deliver a customer experience that goes above and beyond what is considered acceptable. At Focali, the customer is always right and we will do anything to make it right. We feel like our FREE 1-year Lens & Frame Warranty was a good place to start 🙂

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